How will you know if you are due for your next dental exam? If you are consistent about scheduling and attending checkups, you should see your dentist on a semiannual basis. Unless your dentist tells you that you should follow a different timeline, that six month interval is an appropriate one – a longer delay should be avoided. When you stop scheduling dental checkups on a regular basis, you become more vulnerable to dental problems. You can have more issues with tartar formation, and you can let problems like tooth decay and gum disease go untreated, which can lead to complications. Our Upton, MA dentist’s office is ready to take on your smile care needs. By scheduling a review, you can look forward to important feedback about your overall dental and periodontal health.

1. Your Regular Checkups Include Thorough Teeth Cleanings

Regular teeth cleanings play an important role in preventive care, even for people who maintain effective hygiene habits between visits. Although good brushing and flossing can stop tartar from forming, any deposits that do form are going to stay in place until your teeth undergo a professional cleaning. At your regular appointments, your hygienist will identify and remove these deposits so that they no longer put you at risk for oral health issues or hurt your appearance.

2. You Can Avoid Problems With Gum Disease

A teeth cleaning removes bacteria that threaten your gums as well as your teeth. During an evaluation, Dr. Goguen will look at your periodontal tissues to see if you have any signs of gingivitis, or a more serious problem with gum disease. If you are struggling with a serious periodontal issue, we have an on-site periodontist who can meet with you and discuss how the matter can be addressed.

3. Visits Can Lead To Early Cavity Detection And Treatment

If you have a cavity, restorative dental work will have to take place to return your tooth to good health. With that said, letting a tooth go untreated for a longer period of time will make you vulnerable to complications that call for more involved services. One thing to worry about is how much damage your cavity ultimately does. Too much harm will make a dental filling ineffective at restoring your tooth, which means you will need a dental crown. The good news is that if this does happen, our practice can make your treatment more convenient by providing a same-day crown.

Your Upton, MA Dentist Can Help You Maintain Healthy Teeth!

Through regular visits to your dentist for routine care, you can maintain a healthier, more confident smile. To learn more about the importance of preventive care for your dental and periodontal health, please contact Upton Dental at 508-529-4591 to schedule a visit.


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