Dental problems should not be ignored or taken lightly. When your tooth is injured, or when a cavity forms, permanent damage will become a concern. Without the right restoration, the tooth will be vulnerable to future health issues and less capable of supporting your bite function. Fortunately, it can take less time than you might think to restore a tooth, even if the problem is serious enough to call for a dental crown. Our Upton, MA dentist’s office can actually provide custom crowns to our patients in just one appointment. By using CEREC technology to design and make crowns, we can shorten treatment times while ensuring that our patients can smile and speak with restored confidence!

Is It Really Necessary To Cap My Tooth With A Crown?

It is not always necessary to cap a tooth with a crown to keep it safe. People who regularly attend dental exams can be warned about a problem with dental decay before a crown is needed. Treatment will still call for a permanent restoration, but we can treat a smaller cavity with a dental filling. This is a more conservative option for care, as it preserves more of your healthy tooth structure. If you do need a dental crown to address a problem, you can be happy to know that your dentist can supply one in as little as one appointment.

Receiving A Same-Day Dental Crown

CEREC technology gives our dental office all of the tools that we need to address a problem like tooth decay or physical trauma. With this technology, we can digitally scan and measure a tooth, then use the information that we gather to determine what size and shape your crown should be. After we do this, we can produce a lifelike ceramic restoration with our in-office milling machine. At this point, your tooth can receive its crown, and you can be free from concerns about your tooth’s health and appearance!

How Can I Avoid Future Problems With My Oral Health?

At regular dental exams, you receive more than just feedback about whether or not you need treatment for any problems. During an appointment, we will also provide a thorough teeth cleaning that removes harmful plaque and tartar. By removing these deposits, we lower your risk for a future cavity!

Talk To Your Upton, MA Dentist About Receiving A Same-Day Crown

Thanks to the CEREC technology in our office, our Upton, MA dentist’s office is prepared to restore teeth with same-day dental crowns! This lets us shorten treatment times while still providing personalized, lifelike restorations. To find out more about this technology, or to learn more about the different procedures that we provide, contact Dr. Goguen’s Upton, MA dentist’s office at 508-529-4591 to schedule a visit.


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