Dr. Shah and Dr. Kashyap

Dr. Shah and Dr. Kashyap are both graduates of Boston University (that’s where they met!), and are extremely passionate about Public Health. He received his Masters in Public Health from Texas A& M, while she is currently pursuing it at Johns Hopkins University.

They both follow a personalized comprehensive care philosophy, treating patients as they would their own friends and family.

They strongly believe in the importance of continuing education and learn from the pioneers in the fields of Cosmetic Dentistry (Dr. Shah) and Implantology (Dr. Kashyap).
Dr. Shah actively advocates for oral health through the American Public Health Association & the Government Affairs Committee of the Mass Dental Society. She is also the Chair of the North Shore District Dental Society and is a Fellow for Life of the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.

Dr. Kashyap is a Captain in the 455th medical company in the United States Army Reserve.

In their free time, Dr. Kashyap follows Liverpool Football (and every other sport on the planet), while Dr. Shah loves to read and cook! They also enjoy traveling, and are always looking for new recommendations of places, food and experiences. So, if you’ve been up to something fun, definitely tell them about it at your next appointment!

Dr. Andrea Chung Shah

Dr. Andrea Chung Shah is a graduate of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and completed her endodontic residency at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Prior to her career in dentistry, Dr. Shah was a computer engineer at Intel Corporation in California.

During her time at Harvard, Dr. Shah received the Student Achievement Award in Endodontics from the American Association of Endodontics and the Academy of Operative Dentistry Award. In addition, she received a stipend from the Paul Dudley White Traveling Fellowship from Harvard Medical School to conduct research in South Africa. During her residency, Dr. Shah was awarded a research grant from the American Association of Endodontics Foundation, where she studied trends in hospitalizations of endodontic abscess in the United States.

Dr. Shah has served as a reviewer for the Academy of General Dentistry and has been published in the Journal of Endodontics, the Journal of the American Dental Association, the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, the Angle Orthodontist, and the Journal of Evidenced-Based Dental Practice. She has also given presentations at the American Association of Endodontics Annual Meeting, the American Association of Dental Research Conference, the Yankee Dental Congress Annual Meeting, and the Soma Weiss Research Day at Harvard Medical School.
Dr. Shah is an affiliate of several local, state, and national dental organizations. Outside of dentistry, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their three young children. Together, they enjoy watching the sunrise, traveling, and skiing.

Dr. Sarah Shih

Voted Top Doc in Boston Magazine, Dr. Sarah Shih is a board certified periodontist and dental implant surgeon who practices with general dentists and restorative dentists in the towns of Boston (in the North End), Douglas, Medfield and Upton. This allows us to deliver a superior level of communication between your general dentist and periodontist resulting in better comprehensive patient care.

We offer a wide range of periodontal services and dental implant procedures including treating areas of periodontal disease and bone loss, the placement of dental implants and gum grafts to cover exposed roots and correct recession using your own tissue or Alloderm®. Dr. Shih has extensive experience with all of these techniques. Whatever your periodontal needs, our staff will do our very best to insure that you are informed, comfortable and relaxed.

Dr. Shih also treats children who have surgical periodontal needs such as exposing impacted teeth for orthodontics and frenectomy to prevent spacing between the teeth. Our gentle staff will make everything as easy as possible for your child. We love seeing children in our office!

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