Are you worried that you have cavities too frequently, or that your oral hygiene routine is leaving you vulnerable to dental problems? Cavities are a common problem, but between your daily routine and your regular dental exams, you can control your risk for problems over time. If you have undergone restorative dental work recently, or if you have always struggled to prevent issues with decay, you should look for ways to improve your routine. The right adjustments can have a significant benefit. In addition to lowering your risk for decay, you can make yourself less vulnerable to gingivitis and protect yourself against tartar buildup. Remember that your Upton, MA dentist is here to help, too – at every regular dental exam, we will provide a thorough teeth cleaning as well as a review for problems.

Common Issues That Affect People’s Oral Hygiene Routines

What issues typically hurt people’s efforts to avoid dental problems? Your problem may be with your diet, not your brushing and flossing habits. Simply put, a consistent routine can still fail if you expose your enamel to too much sugar and provide too much food to oral bacteria. You can also benefit from adjustments that make your hygiene routine more thorough. People who brush and floss regularly may continue to have problems simply because there is an area, or areas, of their smile they continue to underserve.

Better Oral Hygiene Means More Than Just Better Brushing

Your brushing routine should include two sessions where you clean your teeth for at least two minutes. In those two minutes, you should take care to reach every part of every tooth to remove harmful microbes and food particles. So what should you do if you already follow these guidelines and still struggle? You may be vulnerable to oral health issues because you are not flossing, or because you are not flossing enough. You should practice this as part of your daily routine. When you clean between your teeth, move your floss string vertically to remove all bacteria and food particles.

Your Dentist’s Role In Preserving Your Oral Health

Your dentist is here to do more than just provide dental fillings or dental crowns for cavities that form on your smile! Be consistent about regular checkups. Every routine dental exam provides you with warnings about decay and gum disease, as well as other issues, like bruxism. They also include a thorough cleaning of your teeth that will remove tartar, a substance you cannot remove by brushing and flossing.

Your Upton, MA Dentist Can Help You Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Our dentist’s office in Upton, MA is prepared to help patients avoid trouble that can make restorative dental work necessary. To find out more about how we can support you,  contact Upton Dental at 508-529-4591 to schedule a visit.


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