Wow, you may think to yourself, that’s some very bad breath! You are well aware that it’s all yours and that it’s coming from your mouth but as for why this is happening to you, you may remain unsure at the moment. While it’s easy to feel stumped when you’re dealing with a new problem with your oral health, our Upton, MA team reminds you that there’s no reason to worry or feel as though you’re out of luck. Instead, recognize that you’re missing something and that coming in for a dental checkup will let you know just what it is (as we help you fix it)!

You’re Missing Your Brushing

Bad breath? Well, then, you may be missing your daily brushing. If you’re shaking your head from side to side because you insist you brush every day, we have to ask you: Are you doing it correctly and thoroughly? Or, are you just making sure you do it at least once, so you can claim to have brushed? Don’t forget that if you want your efforts in dental hygiene to offer the results you’re seeking (a healthy, clean smile), then you absolutely have to brush two times a day, ensuring your routine lasts two minutes each time, so you’re removing as much bacteria as possible. Remember: Bacteria can cause bad breath and plaque is full of them.

You’re Missing Your Flossing

Are you missing your daily flossing? Even with the absolute best of twice daily brushing, if you’re not also flossing just one time each and every day, you’re leaving behind a lot of stuff. It’s plaque (that becomes tartar), it’s debris, and it all smells quite bad the longer it sits there. So, be sure you’re including floss in your daily experience, so bad breath doesn’t develop as a result of missing it.

You’re Missing Visits With Us

Brushing and flossing quite well but you haven’t been coming in to see our team for your twice-a-year dental cleanings? If this is the case, then again, you’re going to be dealing with some amount of buildup of plaque and tartar, which will lend itself so some bad breath you cannot do a thing about until you see us. Don’t forget this detail!

You’re Missing That Oral Problem

Tooth decay, dental infections, and other problems requiring restorative care can smell bad, too, so see us soon!

Come In For Care For Bad Breath

Stop overlooking and ignoring the cause of your unpleasant breath and instead, do something about it by coming in for a dental checkup with our team! Learn more about what’s going on, so we may help you fix it. To learn more, call our family dental office in Upton, MA, today at 508-529-4591. We proudly welcome patients from all surrounding communities.


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