Healthier Children’s Smiles with Sealants and Fluoride

Fluoride treatments and dental sealants are common measures for protecting children’s teeth against destructive cavities, which affect over half of school-aged children in the US. Though children’s primary teeth, or baby teeth, are meant to fall out eventually, keeping them healthy while they remain in place could be vital to the development of healthy adult teeth. As an infection that eats away teeth, the key to preventing tooth decay is to bolster teeth’s natural defenses against it, which fluoride and dental sealants accomplish in different ways. (more…)

How Do You Remove Discoloration?

Do you feel uncomfortable with your smile’s appearance? We often see patients that feel embarrassed due to discoloration, which can make them hesitate to show off their smiles. Instead of spending your life hiding your smile from the world, why not just brighten it? We can help remove discoloration with professional teeth whitening systems.


How Do Dental Implants Preserve Your Smile?

We’ve recently been discussing our tooth replacement options, such as bridges, partial dentures, or full dentures. However, we have another, unique option to address tooth loss: dental implants. In addition to replacing the missing tooth, the implant can provide a number of benefits. How do dental implants preserve your smile? What does placement involve?