Your Toothbrush: Do You Know How To Make A Smart Purchase?

Are you certain about whether the toothbrush you toss into your basket either online or at the store is really your best bet? Do you know what to look for beyond the superficial details of a brush that looks attractive versus one you dislike? Our Upton, MA team is to happy to announce that if you aren’t quite sure about how to select this extremely important dental hygiene product that you use every day, twice daily, we can rectify that for you very quickly! Enjoy your introduction into the world of wise toothbrush characteristics!


Flossing: Helping Out With Answers To Important Questions

First, our Upton, MA team encourages you to remember that absolutely any question you have in regard to your smile is a good question. “Sure,” you might think, “unless it’s something I should already know!” While you may assume we think you’ve known all there is to know about cleaning your smile for most of your life, the truth is, many adults learn the same things over and over or find out new facts every day about home care. It might seem simple but the nuances of protecting your smile mean you’re always a student of dental hygiene! With that said, we’d like to begin helping you better understand flossing!


Where Will Your Whitening Journey Take You?

When you want a whiter smile, you know that your goal is set and your plans are unshakable! That is, you know that you want a brilliant grin, there’s no doubt about it. As for the plans that will help you make this hope a reality? Well, that’s the part you need a little bit of help with. The wonderful news is that our Upton, MA team is here not only to provide the dental care that you require but also to help you figure out exactly what it is that you need! Call us soon to schedule a consultation as you kick start this exciting journey.


Healthier Children’s Smiles with Sealants and Fluoride

Fluoride treatments and dental sealants are common measures for protecting children’s teeth against destructive cavities, which affect over half of school-aged children in the US. Though children’s primary teeth, or baby teeth, are meant to fall out eventually, keeping them healthy while they remain in place could be vital to the development of healthy adult teeth. As an infection that eats away teeth, the key to preventing tooth decay is to bolster teeth’s natural defenses against it, which fluoride and dental sealants accomplish in different ways. (more…)

How Do You Remove Discoloration?

Do you feel uncomfortable with your smile’s appearance? We often see patients that feel embarrassed due to discoloration, which can make them hesitate to show off their smiles. Instead of spending your life hiding your smile from the world, why not just brighten it? We can help remove discoloration with professional teeth whitening systems.