Cosmetic Dentistry: 4 Things It Definitely Is Not

One day, you’re just brushing and flossing as you usually do and your smile isn’t really registering as something that needs any sort of extra help. The next, you suddenly find yourself wishing it looked better. Maybe it’s the shade of your teeth that’s disappointing you. Perhaps you have a gap or chip that is now causing you a bit of anxiety because you really wish you could fix it. The good news? You can solve your esthetic concerns with cosmetic dentistry. The not-so-good news? You feel uncertain about this area of care. Fortunately, our Upton, MA practice can help you more clearly see that cosmetic care offers you a definite solution!


Your Spring To-Do List For Kids’ Smile Protection

Once spring rolls around, it can often feel like you’re firing on all cylinders if you have children! One second, you’re enjoying a quiet, cozy winter. The next thing you know, the kids are out the door, riding their bikes, they’re signed up for spring sports, and you’re powering through the end of the school year in anticipation of summer vacation! While you may feel you barely have time to think, our Upton, MA team is here to ensure your kids are prepped with essential smile care, so you make it to summer in good shape!


Dental Crowns: Simple Reasons To Find Them Amazing!

When you don’t know a whole lot about a particular dental treatment that our Upton, MA team suggests for your oral health, you may not realize just how beneficial it can be. Instead, you may focus on some of the negatives, such as the fact that your tooth is damaged, that you’ll need to spend extra time receiving smile care, and more. We understand! However, we also remind you that when you focus on the positives, you may find yourself quite surprised! Today, we begin with dental crowns and some of the reasons you may end up finding them to be truly amazing!


When The Extraction You Need Is Not Your Fault!

You may find that you figuratively beat yourself up a little bit when you need dental care of the restorative variety. When you’ve neglected your dental hygiene or you have waited too long to see us and you discover you require something like a filling or crown, you think: Why didn’t I take better care of my smile? While it’s absolutely possible to end up requiring the removal of a tooth as the result of choices you did (or didn’t) make on behalf of your smile health, our Upton, MA team reminds you: Sometimes, things just happen that cause you to require a dental extraction. Learn more!


Gingivitis: A Few Important Questions (With Answers!)

If you have questions about gingivitis, we know that one of the first things you might want to do is check the internet. This can bring up some valuable information but it can also lead you to misinformation that will cause some confusion. You may also turn to logic and even to friends as you try to determine whether you should call us or if things are actually A-OK. For a better, streamlined, always-successful approach, remember: Receiving factual information from our Upton, MA team is the way to go! Let’s get started right now and for further assistance, come in!


Teeth-Whitening: Quiz Time

Your Upton, MA dentist is a trusted partner in healthy teeth, but don’t forget she is also a partner in helping you towards your most attractive smile. While the first consideration for cosmetic procedures is a healthy foundation of teeth and gums, once that has been achieved, you can address other cosmetic smile issues. The most often performed cosmetic dental procedure is teeth-whitening. Take a moment to test your teeth-whitening knowledge with our True/False Quiz. (more…)

Nuts And Seeds: Frequently Asked Questions!

There’s a lot you might wonder about nuts and seeds. They’re usually part of trail mixes touted for their nutritional advantages. They are delicious. You grew up with them added to cereals, breads, pastries, and more! However, you have both lingering doubts and beliefs that they should be part of your smile care narrative because of the conflicting information you take in at every turn! Our Upton, MA team can help, fortunately, so you can continue enjoying these foods safely and without worry.