Dental Appointments Help Kids Maintain Healthy Teeth

When you pack their lunches, pick out their snacks at the grocery store, and certainly when you help them brush and floss, you are providing support for your kids’ smiles. Parents do important work to help children stay safe against problems like tooth decay, but remember that your Upton, MA dentist is here to provide support as well! In fact, by scheduling routine dental exams for kids, you can provide them with support, encouragement, and guidance that can help them maintain healthy teeth well into adulthood. While the care provided during pediatric appointments offers similar support to what adults receive during dental checkups, we provide extra support to make sure kids feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair, and understand how to take proper care of their teeth at home. (more…)

How Can I Tell If My Gums Are In Poor Health?

Your Upton, MA dentist can offer important information about your oral health any time you come in for a routine visit. Semiannual dental exams provide patients with regular feedback about the condition of their teeth, but these appointments also help you stay informed about your periodontal health. It is important to take the condition of your gums seriously. Although an infection can be reversed in its initial stage, when the problem goes untreated for too long it can become more difficult to manage. You can watch for signs of an infection, known as gingivitis, in between appointments to determine if you might need support for your periodontal health. (more…)

Learn How CEREC Crowns Deliver Same-Day Smile Care

If something negatively affects your smile, it can be a relief to know that the problem can be promptly addressed. At our Upton, MA dentist’s office, we can address potentially serious problems with tooth decay or dental damage in as little as a single day thanks to CEREC technology. With this technology, we are able to design, craft, and place a custom dental crown on a vulnerable tooth in the span of one visit. For many other practices, restorative dental work that requires the placement of a dental crown can take at least two appointments, as they have to rely on a third party to provide a custom restoration. (more…)

Tips For Improving Your Smile Care Routine In 2020

Hopefully, you feel good about the smile care you enjoyed in 2019. With that said, the approach of the new year is a great time to consider how you can make positive changes that protect you from potential health troubles. While you may have spent the past twelve months free from problems with tooth decay and gum disease, you may not be so fortunate next year if your oral health care routine leaves room for improvement, or if your diet is richer in sugar than it ought to be. In addition to helping patients by providing preventive dental exams and cleanings, our Upton, MA dentist’s office is prepared to provide tips that help you keep your smile safe through 2020! (more…)

Dental Veneers Can Give You A Smile You Love To Show Off!

When you have confidence in your smile, you can feel a boost in your overall self-esteem, and enjoy more comfort in social situations. If you currently feel less than confident because of problems with the condition or color of your teeth, or due to naturally occurring problems with their appearance or alignment, the right cosmetic dental procedure can help. Our Upton, MA dentist’s office is prepared to help you take care of flaws that have made you self-conscious, as we offer several procedures effective at targeting esthetic problems. For people who want to address several issues at one time, we can provide porcelain veneers. Veneers can make improvements to the shape, size, color, and overall condition of teeth so that you have remarkable smile improvements after just one procedure! (more…)

How Harmful Can A Nighttime Teeth Grinding Habit Become?

If you wake up with sore teeth, an aching jaw, and stiffness in your face and neck, the reason could be nighttime teeth grinding. This problem, which is also known as bruxism, can make it hard for you to start your mornings in good spirits. Over time, it can cause more harm by damaging teeth! At our Upton, MA dental practice, we are prepared to help you deal with this problem by supplying you with a custom appliance to wear while you sleep. When the appliance has been put in place, it keeps your teeth from connecting when you unconsciously try to grind or clench your teeth, which has the effect of stopping potential damage from occurring. The presence of your appliance can also alleviate stress on your jaw joints and muscles. (more…)

Scheduling Dental Bonding Work To Improve Your Smile

The idea of improving your smile might excite you, but how comfortable would you be with the actual practice of cosmetic dental work? If you worry that cosmetic treatment might be uncomfortable, or take too much time, you can be happy to know that one conservative dental treatment can lead to significant improvements. At our Upton, MA dental office, we regularly work with patients to improve the way they look while minimizing changes to their tooth structure. With a dental bonding procedure, we can actually correct many smile flaws in a single visit, and without the need to craft or place restorations. (more…)