Setting Limits On The Halloween Candy Your Kids Can Consume

If you want your child to stay healthy, and if you want their smile to look its best, encouraging good oral health habits should be your priority. At our Upton, MA dental practice, we can help with this by offering guidance on better brushing and flossing, as well as by giving kids thorough evaluations and cleanings during their appointments. Between every visit, you can help them by providing smart, healthy meals and snacks, as well as by encouraging good brushing and flossing. While good behaviors matter all year long, smart oral health behaviors can be especially important around Halloween. Even with a good routine in place, it is important to limit how much sugar kids consume. Putting smart limits on Halloween candy consumption can ensure your kids finish the year with bright, healthy smiles! (more…)

Are You Ignoring Signs Of A Teeth Grinding Problem?

Paying proper attention to your oral health means keeping up with brushing and flossing, as well as maintaining an appropriate diet. With that said, you should also pay attention by acknowledging when something feels wrong, and seeking treatment when you think you may have a problem. If you have issues with bruxism, meaning you tend to grind your teeth at night, you may notice that you wake up with dental pain and sensitivity, or that you have lingering discomfort in your face and jaw. It is important to respond to these signs of trouble, as continued teeth grinding can lead to serious dental damage! During an appointment at our Upton, MA dental office, your dentist can look for signs of bruxism, and provide you with a special appliance to help you protect your smile. (more…)

Feeling Bothered By Smile Flaws? Learn How Veneers Can Help!

If you almost never feel like smiling, simply because you are uncomfortable with how your teeth look, you should know that cosmetic dental work can help. In fact, you can see great results from treatment that takes less time, and requires less change to your tooth structure, than you might expect. At our Upton, MA dental office, we have helped many patients see great improvements in the way they look by providing them with custom veneers. What can truly surprise patients is that veneer placement can effectively hide all of the problems they currently have with their smile, making this an effective strategy for dramatic smile correction. (more…)

Is Poor Flossing Putting You At Risk For Smile Problems?

By flossing consistently and thoroughly, you protect hard-to-reach portions of your teeth from oral health trouble. While brushing is certainly important, the bristles are less effective at removing harmful plaque, bacteria, and food debris from those small spaces. If you floss on a regular basis, you may feel that you have nothing to worry about, but it should be noted that a less effective routine can still leave you in a situation where you may require restorative dental work in the future. If you want to know how to make the most of your practice, you can talk with Dr. Goguen during a routine dental exam at our Upton, MA dental office. (more…)

We Offer Modern Restorations To Address Dental Decay

The dental damage that a cavity is capable of causing should make you nervous about the state of your smile. Would you like to experience permanent decay to your tooth structure, or even an infection of your tooth’s inner chamber? The effects of poor oral health can be serious – fortunately, they can also be treated with modern, lifelike dental restorations! At our Upton, MA dental practice, we use an approach to restorative dentistry that aims to protect teeth, and preserve your smile. The natural-looking dental fillings and dental crowns we can provide are capable of giving a tooth lasting protection, while also helping you remain confident in the way you look. (more…)

Cosmetic Work Can Restore Your Damaged Or Misshapen Tooth

You have so many reasons to feel confident about your smile, but that one unsightly tooth seems to spoil everything. No matter how bright or healthy its neighbors might be, a tooth that appears damaged or misshapen can hurt your appearance in a way that feels difficult to ignore. At our Upton, MA dental practice, we provide cosmetic dental services that can restore the look of a tooth that hurts the quality of your overall smile. Our approach to cosmetic services can minimize the amount of work that is actually done on a tooth, while ensuring your results are ready in less time than you might think possible! (more…)

Chewing Pain: Why…And What To Do Immediately! 

Biting into food, chewing food, and simply enjoying your meal are all things that you should be able to do without dealing with discomfort! However, when something is even slightly off with your oral health, you may find that instead of moving through your meals and your day on autopilot and with a smile on your face, you’re grimacing and feeling uneasy anticipating with every bit of food you consume. To help you get through this, understand it, and come out the other side with a smile that allows you to comfortably chew again, our Upton, MA team has some helpful answers and suggestions about chewing pain!