While many different choices can affect your relative risk for oral health problems, some choices that a person can make may carry more impact than others. For instance, a person who smokes or uses smokeless tobacco can make themselves more susceptible to cosmetic dental issues as well as oral health problems. Your use of these products may put you in a situation where you have a harder time preventing cavities and gum disease, and it can cause stains to accumulate on your teeth. While your Upton, MA dentist’s office can restore your smile when an active problem is present, you can do something important for your smile by putting a stop to your tobacco use!

Your Choices Can Hurt Or Help Your Smile

If you want to stay on top of your oral health needs and maintain your best possible smile, take your “small” choices seriously. A poor brushing routine, a lack of flossing, an unhealthy diet, and even your water intake can affect how vulnerable you are to problems. If you want to stay out of the dentist’s office and avoid problems with tooth decay, switching up your routine to replace bad habits with better ones can be valuable.

How Is Tobacco Affecting Your Dental Well-Being?

Tobacco can create several problems for you. One serious issue is its potential to raise your risk for oral cancer. It is hard to overstate how severe this can be, particularly if it is not caught in time. Other problems include a greater risk for gum disease, problems with teeth stains, dry mouth, and greater vulnerability to tooth decay.

Gum Disease And Your Health

If tobacco use has made it hard for you to prevent gum disease, you should know that the matter can affect more than just your oral health. Individuals with periodontal problems may become more vulnerable to heart disease, and they can have a tougher time dealing with issues that already affect them, like diabetes. Gum disease also raises your risk for tooth loss. Dropping tobacco products from your life can make it easier to stop this problem, and prevent complications from affecting you.

Your Upton, MA Dentist Can Help You Maintain Your Oral Health

At our Upton, MA dentist’s office, individuals who are worried about their oral health can be glad to know that Dr. Goguen provides a range of beneficial services. While it can be a relief to know that quality care is available at the dentist’s office, remember that your choices between appointments also has a significant impact on your oral health. If you have a habit of smoking or using smokeless tobacco, quitting can be good for your general, oral, and periodontal health! For more information about our Upton, MA dental practice, call 508-529-4591.


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