When you think about the impact of stress on your life, you should consider the toll this state of being can have on your emotions as well as your physical health. What may surprise you is that stress can even impact your dental health in several different ways. Your habits may change without your realizing it, and certain physical responses to stress can make it more difficult for you to avoid dental problems. Your Upton, MA dentist’s office can help you stay on top of your oral health needs through preventive dental care, and we can help by restoring your oral health if issues arise. To keep your smile safe, be mindful of how your current dealings with stress might be interfering with your ability to keep a healthy, happy smile.

Stress Over A Prolonged Period Can Change Your Daily Behaviors

If your stress is connected to a change in your routine, if it starts to affect your ability to sleep, or if it prompts changes in your diet, your smile can be affected. Many people can overlook how they have begun to consume less healthy foods when they are stressed,and they can unwittingly expose their teeth to more decay as a result. If you are frequently tired, or if you often feel that you have to rush from one responsibility to the next, you may not give your smile the attention it deserves when you brush and floss. Even a relatively short disruption in your life can lead to problems like tartar formation, which can then lead to issues with tooth decay and gum disease.

Physical Changes That Stress May Cause

A person’s physical response to their rise in stress may end up affecting their dental health. Stress and anxiety may lead you to experience dry mouth more regularly. If this is the case, your lack of saliva production can make it more difficult for you to keep your teeth clean and defended against bacteria. Another issue to watch out for is teeth grinding. This habit, particularly if it occurs during rest, can lead to wear and tear, or even potentially serious dental damage.

Good Oral Health Can Do More Than Protect Your Smile

Through good oral health, you can do more than just preserve the appearance of your teeth. The right habits can help you avoid potential problems with periodontal disease. If not managed, an infection that affects your gums can lead to tooth loss and worrying general health problems. Good hygiene also helps you avoid the potentially painful effects of a tooth infection, which can seriously impact your quality of life, and lead to complications, if a root canal procedure is not performed in time.

Our Upton, MA Dentist’s Office Can Provide Lasting Smile Support

Are you confident in your oral hygiene and oral health, or are you concerned about your potential risk for dental problems? To learn how Dr. Goguen can help you, please call our Upton, MA dentist’s office at 508-529-4591.


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