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A Same-Day Crown Can Keep Your Vulnerable Tooth Safe

Dental problems should not be ignored or taken lightly. When your tooth is injured, or when a cavity forms, permanent damage will become a concern. Without the right restoration, the tooth will be vulnerable to future health issues and less capable of supporting your bite function. Fortunately, it can take less time than you might… Read more »

We Offer Dental Crowns That Are Ready To Place In One Visit!

Dental crowns are tasked with an important job. They must remain securely over a problem tooth to both protect it from infection or damage, and to act on its behalf whenever you bite and chew. To do these jobs effectively, a crown should be carefully constructed to fit comfortably without bothering your neighboring teeth. While… Read more »

How CEREC Crowns Shorten Restorative Treatment Times

When a problem affects your smile, you can be eager to see that problem resolved in the shortest time possible. While it is important to feel confident in the outcome of a restorative dental procedure, it can be frustrating to have a vulnerable tooth that goes unprotected. Fortunately, our Upton, MA dentist’s office has technology… Read more »

What CEREC Means for Your Tooth Restoration

Restoring a tooth that’s been damaged or compromised is vital to your oral health, and with today’s lifelike restorations, the end-result is often more natural and attractive than patients expect. However, in many instances, completing a restorative treatment can take multiple visits over several weeks, most of which is required for a skilled technician to… Read more »