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Bruxism: How It Can Hurt Your Smile, And How We Can Help

When someone starts to struggle with bruxism, a tendency to grind their teeth while they sleep, it can be important to acknowledge the problem and seek treatment as soon as possible. If you let a habit of teeth grinding go unchecked, you can eventually wear down your enamel to the point where you can benefit… Read more »

Scheduling Treatment To Improve A Smile Hurt By Bruxism

If trouble with bruxism goes untreated, this condition can take a serious toll on your smile. The persistent friction on your enamel produced by nightly teeth grinding will lead to wear and tear, which can turn into more significant issues with chipping and cracking that can hurt your oral health! Fortunately, there are treatments available… Read more »

How To Avoid Long-Term Issues With Poor Periodontal Health

It may surprise you to hear that poor periodontal health can have long-term consequences. Many people are familiar with gingivitis, but fail to realize that if this infection is not treated in time, it can become harder to manage and more detrimental to your well-being. Fortunately, your Upton, MA dentist’s office is prepared to help… Read more »

Obstacles To Good Oral Health That You Should Recognize

Direct actions like brushing, flossing, and attending regular dental exams will help you avoid problems like tooth decay and gum disease. At our Upton, MA dentist’s office, we are glad to have opportunities to support our patients in their efforts to avoid problems with their dental health. While routine visits and daily teeth cleanings are… Read more »

Breaking A Habit Of Tobacco Use Can Help Your Oral Health

While many different choices can affect your relative risk for oral health problems, some choices that a person can make may carry more impact than others. For instance, a person who smokes or uses smokeless tobacco can make themselves more susceptible to cosmetic dental issues as well as oral health problems. Your use of these… Read more »

You May Be Underestimating The Importance Of Good Oral Care

If you maintain good oral health habits, you lower your risks for oral health problems. In other words, good oral hygiene and responsible dieting can make you less worried about developing a cavity, or letting gum disease affect you. These are certainly important goals, but you may not realize just how beneficial preventive dental care… Read more »