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How Do We Fix A Chipped Tooth?

When a tooth becomes damaged, you may feel uncomfortable about your smile’s appearance. However, damage can impact much more than just your tooth’s appearance. Fortunately, we can fix a chipped tooth, and often in a single visit, using cosmetic dental bonding.

How Do Dental Implants Preserve Your Smile?

We’ve recently been discussing our tooth replacement options, such as bridges, partial dentures, or full dentures. However, we have another, unique option to address tooth loss: dental implants. In addition to replacing the missing tooth, the implant can provide a number of benefits. How do dental implants preserve your smile? What does placement involve?

Quiz: Which Denture Do You Need?

When you lose one to three teeth in a row, then we recommend a dental bridge. But what if you’ve lost a large number of your teeth, or even the vast majority of them? In these cases, you may benefit from a denture. Which type of denture will best address your tooth loss?

Do You Have Questions About Dental Bridges?

Tooth loss can have a negative impact on both your smile’s appearance and overall health. Fortunately, we have options for addressing tooth loss and rebuilding your smile. Do you have questions about our dental bridges? We can use this option to replace between one and three lost teeth in a row.

When Do Teeth Require Extraction?

As dental professionals, we’re focused on helping patients preserve their natural teeth. However, in some cases maintaining a healthy smile means safely and comfortably removing teeth. When do teeth require an extraction? What should a patient expect from the procedure?

Quiz: What Do You Know About Crowns?

In our previous blog, we discussed how a dental filling can repair a decayed tooth. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look a unique dental restoration that can address a variety of concerns, from damaged teeth to infections. What do you know about dental crowns?

Will My Filling Blend With My Smile?

At some point, nearly all of us will develop a cavity. Even with excellent care, only about one to two percent of the population is immune to the onset of dental caries. What happens when a cavity forms? In most cases, we treat the issue with a natural looking dental filling, one designed to blend… Read more »