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A Same-Day Crown Can Keep Your Vulnerable Tooth Safe

Dental problems should not be ignored or taken lightly. When your tooth is injured, or when a cavity forms, permanent damage will become a concern. Without the right restoration, the tooth will be vulnerable to future health issues and less capable of supporting your bite function. Fortunately, it can take less time than you might… Read more »

Will Your Tooth Stay Healthy After A Filling Is Placed?

When a cavity forms, a custom dental restoration will be put in place after bacteria and the damaged portion of your tooth structure are removed. At our Upton, MA dental office, we can use dental fillings that imitate the appearance of your healthy tooth enamel when restoring teeth damaged by decay. These fillings are difficult… Read more »

Are You Afraid A Cavity Treatment Will Change Your Smile?

When you find out how much harm a cavity can do when it is not treated, you can understand why patients are told to schedule restorative dental work as soon as possible. However, you may worry that bringing cavity concerns to the wrong dentist will mean treatment that ultimately changes your smile for the worse…. Read more »

We Offer Dental Crowns That Are Ready To Place In One Visit!

Dental crowns are tasked with an important job. They must remain securely over a problem tooth to both protect it from infection or damage, and to act on its behalf whenever you bite and chew. To do these jobs effectively, a crown should be carefully constructed to fit comfortably without bothering your neighboring teeth. While… Read more »

How Much Work Is Involved In Treating A Cavity?

Hopefully, you have never had to find out firsthand what cavity treatment involves. For many people, even those who are consistent about brushing and flossing, a cavity will form at least one time. At our Upton, MA dentist’s office, patients who develop problems with dental decay can be brought in for restorative dental work to… Read more »

Why We Provide Access To Same-Day Dental Crowns

Would you prefer to wait to have a vulnerable tooth restored, or would you rather have the option of having it restored in just one appointment with your dentist? At our Upton, MA dentist’s office, our patients can leave the dentist’s chair with their vulnerable tooth kept safe by a same-day dental crown! We are… Read more »