How much should you worry about a tooth that is in pain, or one that often feels sensitive? Dental discomfort is not something you should simply ignore, especially if the problem has been persistent. If your tooth is in pain because of an untreated cavity, the situation can worsen over time until the matter is dealt with. Restorative dental work can put a stop to active decay, even when decay has already led to your tooth becoming infected. Our Upton, MA dentist’s office is prepared to take on your tooth troubles and bring you out of discomfort. We can also provide the appropriate restoration for your tooth so that it is fully supported against future troubles.

A Cavity Can Lead To Significant Tooth Pain

If a cavity is caught in time, it is possible for you to have treatment before you experience discomfort. In this situation, you can have a dental filling placed to discreetly protect your tooth. Unfortunately, many people will let a cavity go undetected for an extended period, which can lead to complications. If enough time passes, decay can expose your tooth to internal infection. Once this occurs, you can experience discomfort because bacteria are attacking the living nerves that support your tooth. If the problem continues to go unresolved, those bacteria can spread through your roots, and eventually make tooth extraction the only treatment option left!

Scheduling The Appropriate Restorative Dental Treatment

If you are worried about the condition of your tooth, reach out to your dentist to schedule restorative care. After the matter is assessed, you can learn how serious your cavity has become, and what it will take to restore it. While dental filings are appropriate in some situations, they may not be enough support if you have a larger cavity. In the case of more serious decay, your dentist can recommend placing a dental crown.

Use These Tips To Avoid Future Cavities

If you want to avoid cavities in the future, start thinking about your commitment to brushing and flossing your teeth today! You should dedicate time and attention to these tasks if you want to make sure you do them effectively. It should take you at least two minutes to fully brush, and the process should see you reach every area of every tooth. You should also floss every day, making an effort to fully clean between your teeth to fight both tooth decay and gum disease.

Our Upton, MA Dentist’s Office Provides Care For Patients With Cavities

At our Upton, MA dentist’s office, patients who are affected by tooth decay can look forward to treatment from Dr. Goguen. Our practice relies on modern materials to restore teeth without changing the way they look, and we can make sure an issue with a cavity is fully resolved. You can reach our Upton, MA dentist’s office at 508-529-4591.


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