You have so many reasons to feel confident about your smile, but that one unsightly tooth seems to spoil everything. No matter how bright or healthy its neighbors might be, a tooth that appears damaged or misshapen can hurt your appearance in a way that feels difficult to ignore. At our Upton, MA dental practice, we provide cosmetic dental services that can restore the look of a tooth that hurts the quality of your overall smile. Our approach to cosmetic services can minimize the amount of work that is actually done on a tooth, while ensuring your results are ready in less time than you might think possible!

Cosmetic Dental Work Can Make Targeted Smile Improvements

While it is possible to make significant changes to a person’s smile through cosmetic work, the right procedure can also provide specific improvements. This can be welcome news to a person with one tooth, or a few teeth, that look out of place due to past damage, or naturally occurring flaws. In addition to working to carefully target an isolated concern, we can make sure that the treatment you undergo allows you to maintain your natural appearance.

Reviewing Your Different Options For Cosmetic Treatment

So how can your dentist make targeted improvements to certain teeth? Dental bonding work makes corrections through the application of a composite resin material, which is also used to produce dental fillings. The material merges with your enamel, creating an incredible degree of support while providing changes that appear natural. You also have the option of receiving a custom dental veneer for a tooth that has been chipped or cracked, or one that looks out of place for any other reason. The veneer will be carefully crafted, so that it fits perfectly over your tooth. The porcelain material veneers are made with is incredibly tough, so your correction can remain attractive for many years!

An Injured Tooth May Require More Than Just A Cosmetic Restoration

If your tooth’s appearance is affected by injury, cosmetic work may not be enough to assure that it is completely cared for. In some cases, a dental crown is necessary for restoring a person’s smile. Because we can use CEREC technology to produce our crowns, your work can be complete after just one appointment.

Talk To Dr. Goguen About Restoring Your Damaged Or Misshapen Tooth!

At our Upton, MA dental practice, Dr. Janet Goguen is prepared to help patients who feel self-conscious because of an injured or otherwise unattractive tooth. We can determine what the right approach is to restoring it, and make sure you have a smile improvement you are excited to show off once your treatment is complete! For more information, please call our Upton dental practice at 508-529-4591 to make an appointment.


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