Regain Your Stunning Smile

Dealing with chips, cracks, or spaces between your teeth may cause you to feel embarrassed by your smile. Bonding offers a cost-effective, efficient solution to improving your smile by addressing individual concerns.
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What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry treatment Dr. Shah and Dr. Kashyap uses to carefully re-sculpt or camouflage your damaged tooth tissue with composite. This is the same material we use for our tooth-colored fillings. Just like with a tooth filling, we will match the color of the composite to blend seamlessly with your surrounding smile.

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Bonding?

If you suffer from minor imperfections that occur as a result of missing tooth tissue, teeth bonding may offer you a dramatic improvement with a simple solution. Consider the advantages of choosing dental bonding:

  • Improve cracks and chips
  • Lengthen the appearance of a short tooth
  • Fill spaces or gaps, so your teeth appear to touch one another, without resorting to braces
  • Address a small stain that you cannot take care of with home care

Do I Qualify As A Candidate For Dental Bonding?

If your aesthetic concerns require improving chips, cracks, spaces between teeth, short teeth, or concentrated stains, Dr. Shah and Dr. Kashyap will likely consider you a wonderful candidate for dental bonding.