Dental sensitivity is not something that anyone enjoys dealing with! However, it’s often also something that most patients don’t see coming, which means if it happens to you, figuring out what’s going on and how to respond can feel confusing at best! Of course, our Upton, MA team is glad to report that we can very quickly help you get to the bottom of this frustrating and uncomfortable conundrum. Just come in for a visit with our team, find out what’s happening, remain proactive about making things better, and you’re on the road toward improvement!

#1: It May Not Mean Anything Is Wrong

It’s very possible that you may come to us with dental sensitivity and it will turn out that there’s nothing wrong with your oral health requiring care. Instead, you are just someone whose teeth are extra sensitive, which means we will offer you lifestyle suggestions to help limit and reduce that sensitivity. So, how do you know, you ask? The answer will always be the same when you deal with a change in sensation: Come in to see us for a dental checkup, so we can give you the answers (and guidance) you need.

#2: Then Again, It May Be A Warning Sign!

You may need care, whether preventive or restorative, when dental sensitivity makes a scene in your daily life! Remember, sometimes something like bruxism (grinding or clenching of your teeth on a regular basis, through involuntary muscle movements) may cause sensitivity. We can treat this with preventive care. Or, you may end up dealing with the development of decay or damage that will warrant a restoration, such as a filling, crown, etc., that will then cause your discomfort to end!

#3: Sensitivity Toothpaste Is An Effective Option

Whether your issue is strictly the case of a smile that’s a little more sensitive than others or your smile is aggravated, we remind you that using toothpaste formulated to address sensitivity is actually going to be quite helpful. It helps block the excessive and uncomfortable stimulation of nerves from the surface of your teeth, so you can get back to feeling better.

#4: Following Through With Suggested Care Is A Must

As we mentioned, when you find out what’s leading to your dental sensitivity, all it takes is following through on whatever we suggest! You’re then on the road toward a smile that feels A-OK.

Address Smile Sensitivity Soon

Come to us just as soon as you can to receive a dental checkup, as we talk with you about the cause or causes of your dental sensitivity and what can be done to end it! We will offer solutions! To learn more, call our family dental office in Upton, MA, today at 508-529-4591. We proudly welcome patients from all surrounding communities.


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