Losing one or more teeth can have a major impact on both your appearance and your oral health. By replacing your missing teeth you can improve the function of your smile and protect yourself from serious complications, such as loss of jawbone density. Do you have questions about dental implants?

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

Question: How do you place them?

Answer: After choosing the best area, an oral surgeon will insert the implant post into the jawbone. The post is made using biocompatible titanium, which means it will bond with the jawbone like a natural tooth root. After the area heals over the course of three to six months, we will add an abutment that holds a restoration in place, completing the visible portion of your new tooth.

Question: Do they look natural?

Answer: Yes! The restoration is a dental crown, custom made to blend seamlessly with your smile. We use ceramic to create the crown because the material looks natural, is stain-resistant, and can withstand bite forces and pressures.

Question: How long do implants last?

Answer: With the right care and attention you can expect your new tooth to last for decades, possibly even a lifetime! Since they bond with the jawbone, they body treats them like natural tooth roots, supplying the jawbone around the new teeth with doses of calcium and phosphorus, which preserves the jawbone structure and prevents loss of jawbone density, which often occurs following tooth loss.

Question: How do you care for them?

Answer: You should offer them the same level of care as you would a natural tooth. You need to brush them, along with the rest of your smile, twice a day. You also need to floss each night before bed. Finally, you need to have them professionally cleaned every six months, which also allows the dentist a chance to monitor your new tooth, ensuring it continues to offer quality tooth replacement.

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