Oh yes, the long-standing questions about fluoride! If you think that you are the only person who has ever questioned the need for this ingredient in your toothpaste or the only person who has ever wondered who needs it, when, and why, think again! Though it’s something you may have grown up assuming was an essential part of your dental hygiene, we applaud your awareness and your interest in learning more! For the information you’re curious about, take a quick whirl with our Upton, MA team through the “who, what, where, when, and why” of this topic!

Who Needs It?

Everyone needs fluoride! Yes, we realize you may think it’s just something that your kiddos need. You may even hear from people or read online that nobody really needs it. However, you really do. Make sure your whole family is receiving this mineral on a daily basis through dental hygiene (and more as needed).

What Is It?

Fluoride is a mineral. It occurs in nature! It’s not man made. Instead, it’s a natural addition to many dental hygiene products and treated community water supplies!

Where Will I Get It?

As mentioned, you will be able to find fluoride in toothpaste. You can find it in mouthwashes, as well. Remember to make sure that the product you purchase contains it (as it’s not in all hygiene products). We remind you, too that it may be in your community’s water supply but it’s not usually found in bottled water, so keep this in mind, particularly when it comes to children who need more of it than adults. Make sure kids drink tap water or have some other form of supplementation, in addition to toothpaste. Remember that we also offer treatments at our practice!

When Does It Matter?

We remind you that fluoride is something that should always be a part of your dental care, as well as your child’s dental hygiene routine. The consistent use and intake of fluoride helps your smile remain strong now and for many years to come! If you have questions about the unique needs of your own smile or a family member’s grin, do not hesitate to ask!

Why Should I Consider It?

You should consider fluoride for many reasons. First, it helps protect the oral health of all ages by keeping the teeth of both children and adults hard and super strong. In addition to strengthening enamel, it also helps to keep you from developing cavities. Children need it in order for their teeth to grow successfully and to become strong!

Learn More About Fluoride’s Benefits

Talk with us when you have questions about dental hygiene recommendations that you don’t completely understand. Let us know, for instance, if you’re curious about fluoride, so we may offer you helpful education. To learn more, call our family dental office in Upton, MA, today at 508-529-4591. We proudly welcome patients from all surrounding communities.


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