Your Upton, MA dentist can offer important information about your oral health any time you come in for a routine visit. Semiannual dental exams provide patients with regular feedback about the condition of their teeth, but these appointments also help you stay informed about your periodontal health. It is important to take the condition of your gums seriously. Although an infection can be reversed in its initial stage, when the problem goes untreated for too long it can become more difficult to manage. You can watch for signs of an infection, known as gingivitis, in between appointments to determine if you might need support for your periodontal health.

Watch Out For Signs And Symptoms Of Gingivitis

Gingivitis may not be painful, but it can cause symptoms that concern you. One problem that is hard to ignore is the tendency for your gums to bleed after you brush or floss. This can be an alarming development, but it is not the only sign of trouble you can catch. You may also notice that when you have infected tissues, portions of your gums look swollen, or appear discolored. An unresolved case of gingivitis can also put you in an embarrassing situation where you frequently experience bad breath.

Arranging Periodontal Care

At our practice, we can provide dedicated treatment for your gums if you show signs of gingivitis, or if you have an advanced infection. With a periodontist on site, we can make sure a specialist carefully studies your gums to determine how serious your infection is, and what kind of care might be recommended. Ultrasonic scaling procedures help patients recover from gingivitis, or manage a serious infection. The procedure gives us a way to directly address bacteria that are already present under your gum line. This can be part of a larger plan to address advanced gum disease, or an effective way to help reverse gingivitis.

Your Dentist Can Keep You Informed About Your Periodontal Health During Exams

At every dental exam, your dentist is watching out for any problems that might require care at our practice. This means watching out for cavities that might demand dental fillings or dental crowns, but it also means watching for signs of gingivitis. You can also count on your dentist to help you deal with problems like teeth grinding. When a habitual teeth grinding problem is corrected, your dentist can protect your smile from harm, and help you deal with chronic jaw pain.

Our Upton, MA Dentist’s Office Is Ready To Help You Maintain Healthy Gums

At our Upton, MA dental practice, patients who are struggling with periodontal problems can count on our support. To find out more, or to make an appointment with us, contact Upton Dental at 508-529-4591 to schedule a visit.


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