There are those questions that seem quite intellectual, clinical, complex, and important that you don’t mind bringing up at all! Then, of course, there are those seemingly smaller questions that you may feel are too insignificant to bring up. Questions such as: Which toothpaste should I use for my dental hygiene? While our Upton, MA team understand why you may feel this way, we remind you that all questions pertaining to your oral health, questions that are big or small, are equally significant! With that said, let’s get you started with some important facts.

How Much Is The Right Amount?

There are, fortunately, some specific amounts that you should be using in order to best protect your oral health during dental hygiene. Fortunately, once you have them memorized, there will be no more confusion (for life) and you may even find that in addition to enjoying better results, you are spending less because you’re no longer wasting toothpaste! Consider the following:

  • For children 0 through 3: Use a grain-of-rice-amount of product.
  • For children 3 and above (adults included): Use a pea-size dollop.

Which Flavor Is Better?

We know that it’s easy to assume there are always some little tricks you don’t know just yet but when it comes to flavor, this one is completely up to you! You are truly welcome to use what you enjoy, whether that means mint, cinnamon, lavender, or anything else you can find that meets the usual requirements for effectiveness (keep reading!).

Are All Toothpastes Just As Effective?

You may wonder, do all toothpastes offer the same, effective protection against oral health problems like tooth decay? The truth is, no! They are not all just as effective. Since you don’t really have the time or the teeth to waste in testing them each out on your own, remember that there are some easy ways to ensure you’re making a good purchase:

  • Check to be certain that the selection you choose for your dental hygiene is approved by the ADA (American Dental Association), as they have tested different pastes on your behalf
  • Use a toothpaste with fluoride in it!

Gel Or Paste?

Again, this one is entirely your choice. Just like with selecting a flavor for a good dental hygiene experience, the same is true for toothpaste texture. Maybe you prefer gel over paste or vice versa. Just remember that if you purchase products you’re actually liking, it makes practicing dental care more enjoyable and less of a chore!

See Us For Your Dental Care Questions

Visit us for your dental checkups and cleanings, as we recommend you do twice annually, so we may not only clean and monitor your smile but also so we may offer you any advice you may need for your care! To learn more, call our family dental office in Upton, MA, today at 508-529-4591. We proudly welcome patients from all surrounding communities.


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