Do you want to do even more to protect your smile against cavities, as well as other dental problems? If so, you may have already committed to brushing your teeth twice a day, and flossing, as well. Those are important steps to caring for one’s smile. Visiting the dentist for regular preventive care is also important, of course. Yet there is one other way you might be able to better protect your smile, and that is through chewing gum. Sugar-free gum might seem like a way of freshening one’s breath, but it can actually do even more than that. It could help in your quest to keep your whole smile healthy, and cavity-free.

What Can Chewing Do for Your Smile?

Many people don’t realize that the mere act of chewing can actually help to prevent smile problems. It does so by creating saliva, which is the body’s natural way of defending against tartar buildup. Saliva makes it more difficult for the bacteria in the mouth to calcify onto the teeth, in a substance called tartar buildup.

Chewing gum, in particular, helps to protect teeth by both creating saliva, and helping to gently clean teeth in between brushings. This makes it a great option for after lunch or snacks, when brushing is not an option.

How Can Xylitol, in Particular, Be Helpful?

Of course, in order to maximize the cleansing effect of chewing gum, you should opt for sugar-free varieties, particularly those containing xylitol, a natural sugar substitute, which can further help to prevent cavities, because xylitol also helps limit bacteria’s ability to stick to teeth.

Just make sure you also continue seeing the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings, as these are crucial to keeping your smile healthy.

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