You may not really know whether your preventive care is on track or if it could be better until you find out from our team! While the best way to go about receiving definitive, personalized answers about your usual daily efforts at home is to visit us for a dental checkup, you can still get started right now! Our Upton, MA team can quickly guide you through some important questions that we ask our patients. When you consider your answers against the answers you should be responding with (if your smile care is on track), then you can start to get a better idea of areas that may or may not need improvement!

Are You Brushing Twice A Day?

We want to know whether you are brushing your smile twice a day. If you’re brushing less frequently, then you need to change that! If you are brushing morning and night, then good job: Your preventive dental care appears to be on track in terms of this aspect of your dental hygiene. Of course, you should also make sure that your sessions are lasting about two minutes apiece, so you’re thoroughly removing plaque and food.

Are You Flossing Once A Day?

Along with your twice-a-day brushing, we ask if you are also keeping up with the suggested once daily flossing? Yes, that’s really all you need to do in order to complete your daily dental hygiene requirements, so you know you’re on track with your preventive care in your own bathroom. Take your time and feel certain that you’re quite thorough and gentle with your approach, so you know your smile is headed toward success.

Do You Schedule Visits Twice A Year?

Have you been scheduling a preventive care visit with us two times every year? If you have been doing so and you tend to space visits out by about six months, then you’re on track not only with the care we suggest for you at home but also the care that we suggest you seek from our practice. Remember that twice-a-year dental checkups and cleanings will give you the means of protecting your teeth and gums that much more, so nothing is overlooked!

Are You Letting Us Know About Changes?

Do you give us a call when you notice a serious change, such as discomfort? If so, then good for you! Paying attention to new sensations or symptoms and keeping us informed will allow you to see us for care before any problems have time to become serious!

See Us Consistently For Best Prevention

Come on in for the preventive smile care that you need, in the form of dental checkups and cleanings, and remember to follow through on best practices for your home smile care for complete smile protection. To learn more, call our family dental office in Upton, MA, today at 508-529-4591. We proudly welcome patients from all surrounding communities.


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