You should see to it that you have no need for restorative dental work by consistently practicing good oral hygiene habits. The right care at home, along with consistent routine dental exams, help you fight the buildup of plaque and tartar that can lead to problems with decay. With that said, cavities are a frustratingly common issue that need to be addressed. Our Upton, MA dentist’s office can help you by restoring a tooth with a lifelike dental filling. A filling made with a resin material can be tinted to match the color of your tooth, and it can actually bond to the enamel to provide an impressive level of support.

Can A Tooth-Colored Filling Really Preserve The Look Of My Tooth?

Your tooth-colored filling will be able to discreetly deal with a cavity by occupying the portion of your enamel where a cavity formed. Before placing the restoration, your dentist can make sure that it is tinted to match the color of your tooth so that it fits in without drawing attention to itself. While this can protect you against a cosmetic issue, it should be noted that the filling has an important job to do. It keeps you from developing a new problem with bacterial infection, and it can help by making sure you are able to bite and chew without difficulties.

Placing Your Dental Filling

The tooth-colored filling will stay in place by bonding to your enamel. The material is biocompatible, so it can secure itself to the tooth in order to keep stable through the years. Because the space the filling occupies is limited, there is little preparatory work required before it can be placed.

We Also Offer Lifelike Dental Crowns!

While lifelike dental fillings can provide valuable support, there are some dental problems that require more support than they can be counted on to supply. If you have an advanced cavity, or if you suffer dental damage that leaves your tooth chipped or cracked, it may be necessary to use a dental crown instead of a filling for support. The crowns at our practice are made on-site, as we have technology to measure, digitally design, and produce attractive ceramic restorations. Once your crown is placed, it will cover the tooth and effectively act in its place to provide biting and chewing support.

Talk To Your Upton, MA Dentist About Receiving A Tooth-Colored Filling

Dr. Goguen has helped many patients deal with different degrees of oral health troubles. Because we use restorations that can imitate healthy tooth structure, your smile can be treated in a way that protects teeth while also preserving the way you look! If you wish to learn more, you can reach Dr. Goguen’s Upton, MA dental practice at 508-529-4591.


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