There’s a lot you might wonder about nuts and seeds. They’re usually part of trail mixes touted for their nutritional advantages. They are delicious. You grew up with them added to cereals, breads, pastries, and more! However, you have both lingering doubts and beliefs that they should be part of your smile care narrative because of the conflicting information you take in at every turn! Our Upton, MA team can help, fortunately, so you can continue enjoying these foods safely and without worry.


Question: Why do I always hear that nuts and seeds are good additions to my daily diet when it comes to my approach at protecting my smile?

Answer: You hear that you should eat nuts and seeds for a variety of reasons. First, they are not sugary or carb-loaded, so they do not promote the development of tooth decay. They are also absolutely packed full of essential vitamins and minerals that benefit the entirety of your system, while helping promote strong teeth! In a “nutshell” they are quite healthy and good for you all around!

Question: So, why do I also hear warnings in regard to consuming nuts and seeds?

Answer: Unless we’re speaking specifically about very soft foods, there will always be a warning tagged onto foods that have a lot of resistance as you bite into them. Remember that many nuts can be very hard, which is also true of seeds. If you’re not careful with your approach to eating, you have teeth that are already weakened or damaged, or you have dental work, you could end up accidentally causing significant damage. So, remain cautious about all foods you’re eating and, if necessary, gravitate toward softer selections.

Question: Is there anything else I should consider? I really like seeds and nuts but I do prefer to be careful with eating extra hard foods.

Answer: Of course. You may easily keep up with your smile care approach without completely giving up seeds and nuts. Remember that if you like their flavor and health benefits, you may always grind them up and add them to a particular dish or recipe. You may consider your options and stick with softer versions, such as selecting walnuts instead of almonds. Of course, you should also remember to never try to crack open a nut or seed shell with your smile!

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