When you think about a “convenient” teeth whitening treatment, you may think about whitening toothpastes, or products at your local grocery store or pharmacy. While these items can certainly be convenient, they can leave you dissatisfied by your lack of improvements. Over the counter whitening treatments can have limited effects because they can do little more than remove stains from the surface of your enamel. At our Upton, MA dental practice, we provide professional whitening services that are convenient as well as effective at making noticeable changes. With a single procedure, you can enjoy a degree of improvement that makes you excited to show off your bright smile!

Are You Frustrated With Stains Affecting Your Smile?

Even patients who do an effective job protecting themselves from tooth decay can struggle in their efforts to avoid stains. The chromogens and tannins that are left on our enamel can gradually affect the color of teeth, leading to a situation where your smile appears dull, less healthy, and less attractive overall. The problem of teeth stains can be frustrating enough by itself, but you can be especially put off by the way brushing and store bought whitening treatments fail to make a meaningful difference in the way you look. When you reach the point where you can see the difference in your smile because of stains, know that your dentist is ready to help.

Picking An Approach To Teeth Whitening That Best Suits You

A convenient treatment option for one person may be less appealing to another. When it comes to teeth whitening, we actually provide two different approaches that can lead to great smile improvements. If you want to see your results as soon as possible, one visit to our office can see your whitening procedure completed. In the span of a one-hour visit, we can make a significant difference to the color of your teeth while protecting you against dental sensitivity. If you want to take care of your smile on your own time, you can take home a whitening kit customized for your use. The custom trays you are given make it easy to evenly apply professional-strength whitening agents, so you can see optimal results from your efforts.

We Also Offer Treatment For Internal Discoloration

Sometimes, the right way to address dental discoloration is to focus on addressing internal issues that might affect your smile. Enamel erosion may affect your appearance, or you could suffer a change in your tooth color after taking certain medications. In these instances, we can discuss an alternative treatment option. Tooth bonding work can hide discoloration, and porcelain veneers can cover the front of teeth to make your smile brighter. These options also allow you to address problems with tooth shape and alignment, or cover up damages!

Talk To Dr. Goguen About Making Your Smile Whiter

At our Upton, MA dental practice, Dr. Goguen is prepared to help you show off a better and brighter smile! To learn more, contact Upton Dental at 508-529-4591 to schedule a visit.


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