By putting a dental bridge in place, your Upton, MA dentist can give you back your full smile. This prosthetic will remain securely in place without oral surgery. Its stability ensures that you can bite, chew, and speak with its support, and without worrying it might slip out of position. While it can be exciting to know that you have a solution for problems caused by tooth loss, you can be understandably curious about what to expect from the procedure to place the bridge, and from life with the restoration. During a consultation, you can learn more about the benefits of receiving a dental bridge, and you can also find out what your other options are for dealing with tooth loss.

What Will It Take To Place A Dental Bridge?

With the placement of two dental crowns, a dental bridge can be secured without the need to perform oral surgery to keep it in place. The crowns are connected on either side of the pontic, the actual replacement tooth that will make your smile complete. Your custom restoration will be designed so that each crown fits comfortably on the tooth being capped, and so that the bridge fits well enough to provide cosmetic and functional support.

To replace multiple missing teeth, we can arrange the placement of a bridge on a dental implant, or multiple implants if necessary. The implant does require oral surgery. With that said, it gives you lasting support for a restoration, and even stimulates your jawbone to help prevent its deterioration.

Can I Count On A Dental Bridge To Restore My Bite Function?

Because the bridge is permanently secured, you can feel confident while biting and chewing that it will remain in place. Being able to regain a natural bite function is important. You are able to more evenly distribute pressure from biting and chewing when your smile is complete. You can also return to jaw movements that are natural, which means less stress will be placed on your joints and muscles. That return to a more natural bite lowers your risk for TMJ disorder.

Can A Bridge Replace Multiple Missing Teeth?

If several teeth in a row are missing, a bridge can be created with several pontics. This benefits you because it makes the full restoration of your smile possible with just one appliance. This can shorten the time it takes you to see the results you want, and it means you are required to make further trips to your dentist’s office.

Ready To Learn More About Dental Bridges? Talk To Your Upton, MA Dentist!

With a custom dental bridge, you can close a gap in your smile without oral surgery, leading to improvements in your appearance as well as your bite function. To find out more, please contact Upton Dental at 508-529-4591 to schedule a visit.


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