Have you been struggling with an incomplete smile, ever since you unexpectedly lost a tooth? Ever since, has it been difficult to enjoy meals, or even to smile confidently, because of the insecurity your incomplete smile has caused? If so, don’t keep making do with missing teeth, especially when there are so many wonderful prosthetic options available to help you complete your smile. From dentures and dental bridges to incredibly stable dental implants, why not talk to your dentist about the wonderful ways your smile – and your confidence – could be restored through prosthetic dentistry.

Talk to Your Prosthetic Dentist About Options for Treatment

Though dentures remain one of the most popular ways to complete a smile after tooth loss or even extraction, they are not the only way to cope with missing teeth. Dental bridges can help to provide more stability than unsupported dentures alone, because they rely on crowns affixed to remaining teeth.

That said, dental implants are able to create even more stable forms of smile completion, because they alone use mimic roots surgically inserted into the jawline to help hold replacement teeth in place.

Enjoy Great Confidence and Security with a Dental Implant

Dental implants are the only prostheses able to help replace both a missing tooth and the root that once held it in place. This can be incredibly helpful, because not only does a mimic root help to stabilize a replacement tooth, it also helps to supply nutrients to the jaw as one chews, allowing for retention of the face’s structure.

Do You Need a Dental Prostheses?

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