It’s not shocking, of course, to learn that bruxism disorder may lead to damage. When you think about just how powerful your jaws are and the fact that you’re either grinding your teeth back and forth, back and forth throughout the day (or you’re pressing them together ever-so-tightly), you realize: This could probably result in some additional issues. However, as for what that damage might entail, what you should do about it, and more, you may feel like you could really use some helpful insight. Fortunately, our Upton, MA team has got it!

It Might Cause Teeth To Wear Down

When you really think about it, you will quickly realize that this makes sense. Of course, if you are grinding teeth over one another over and over and this is happening every single day or night, the surface of your teeth will become worn down. Your enamel will thin, the natural contour of your chewing surfaces will start to flatten out, as they wear down, and you’ll probably deal with some sensitivity as a result. This, of course, is a very good reason to seek bruxism treatment from our team!

It May Result In Cracks

Maybe the type of bruxism disorder experience you’re having makes you more prone to pressure-related cracks. Remember that this isn’t one of those things that happens only in a small percentage of cases. Instead, it’s very likely that you will deal with fissures, chips, and possibly large cracks if you continue to ignore a chronic clenching problem. Since this can become very detrimental to your oral health, even leading to tooth loss, we certainly suggest you receive bruxism treatment sooner than later.

Erosion Can Make For Difficult Chewing

As you might imagine, when your teeth begin to flatten out, in addition to sensitivity, it can also make it much more difficult to chew. You rely on the natural contour of your teeth, especially the cusps of your molars, to help you break down food as you eat it! Remember that treating bruxism disorder plays a role in your ability to chew comfortably, so let us know if you need care.

All Damage May Yield Discomfort (And More Damage)

Of course, any type of damage, whether it’s erosion, chips, cracks, etc., will lead to discomfort. All damage means nerves are either exposed or closer to the surface of your teeth, which means sensitivity and pain. It also leaves teeth vulnerable to further damage. Stop the cycle and receive treatment soon!

Treat Bruxism Now To Protect Your Future Smile

Don’t let bruxism disorder cause you unnecessary damage! Remember to come in for the treatment we offer, so you can avoid a long list of possible side effects, as you keep teeth and gums in safe condition. To learn more, call our family dental office in Upton, MA, today at 508-529-4591. We proudly welcome patients from all surrounding communities.


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