If you want to keep your smile healthy, you will have a clear interest in protecting yourself against cavities. While cavity prevention is an important goal, remember that dental decay is not the only threat to your oral health that should concern you! Problems with your periodontal health that form and worsen can lead to long-term consequences. Those consequences can affect you in ways that might surprise you. For example, an advanced infection can make you susceptible to tooth loss, and it can interfere with your efforts to address other health conditions. The good news is that we can help patients at our Upton, MA dental office preserve their periodontal health. Through preventive care, we can stop an infection from worsening and causing difficulties over time. If necessary, we have an on-site periodontal specialist who can work with you to address problems with your gum health.

Gum Disease Can Cause More Problems Than You Might Expect

How serious is gum disease? If your infection is addressed in time, you can avoid complications and restore the health of your periodontal tissues. However, if you do not stop an infection in time, the condition will worsen, which leads to more risks like tooth loss, trouble with gum line recession, and even difficulties in managing other general health conditions.

How Regular Dental Visits Protect Your Periodontal Health

At regular dental exams, Dr. Goguen will evaluate you closely to see if you have any issues with periodontal disease. To address trouble with gingivitis, we will recommend a periodontal cleaning that removes bacteria from the roots of teeth before a condition worsens. Through this preventive service, we can protect you from complications that occur when gum disease worsens. If your condition has already become severe enough to create long-term concerns, our periodontist on site can meet with you and discuss managing the infection.

The Role Daily Hygiene Plays In Preventing Gum Disease

Your approach to brushing and flossing your teeth will play an important part in preventing issues with gum disease from forming or worsening. Make sure you take care to thoroughly clean at the base of your teeth when you brush and floss, as this stops bacteria from forming at the gum line. Remember that both brushing and flossing contribute to your gum disease defense. Many people fall out of the habit of flossing regularly, then wonder why they have difficulties preventing poor periodontal health.

Talk To Your Upton, MA Dentist About Preserving Your Periodontal Health

Dr. Goguen is prepared to help patients stay on top of their oral health by addressing dental and periodontal concerns. If you need to schedule a routine appointment, or if you have any active concerns about your gums, let us know! To find out more about our practice and services, contact Upton Dental at 508-529-4591 to schedule a visit.


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