Sometimes, you need us right away. However, you aren’t necessarily aware that what’s going on with your oral health requires immediate attention. With that said, our Upton, MA team reminds you that we are here to offer you help in more ways than one! In addition to offering emergency dental care for any and all moments of smile-related urgency, we also like to help you become an informed a patient as possible, so you know what your mouth needs and when. Today? We’re giving you some insight into those moments that are easy to overlook but for which you should contact ASAP for immediate care!

When You Crack Or Break A Tooth

When you think that you may have cracked a tooth, your instinct may be to be careful or to try not to eat anything too hard on that side of your smile. However, what you may not realize is that you really need to see us right away for an emergency dental visit. Why is that, you ask? What if it doesn’t really hurt or you’re not sure that you broke a tooth? We remind you: When you seriously damage a tooth in any way and there’s an opening, bacteria will use that opening to enter your tooth. This will generally lead to infection. In addition, a damaged tooth is one that is primed to become even more damaged. So, seeing us will allow you to save that tooth!

When Your Tooth Really Hurts

Let’s say that your tooth really hurts. You might initially assume that what you are supposed to do is be brave, take some medication, and just deal with the discomfort for as long as you can. However, from our perspective as dental professionals, the moment pain affects your oral health, this is your warning sign to schedule a visit. If it’s bad, let us know that you need an emergency dental visit! You may require immediate dental care to address an infection or other serious, pressing issue.

When Food Is Very Stuck

If you have food that is absolutely stuck between two teeth, you shouldn’t do more than your usual dental care (brushing, flossing, swishing with water) to dislodge it. You should also not just leave it. Instead, you should come in for an emergency dental visit, during which we will carefully and successfully remove the debris. You can then return home in comfort, without decaying food between your teeth, where you may continue on with your daily dental habits to protect your smile.

Call Us For Emergency Dental Care

When you have a problem with your oral health, don’t just hope that things will be okay or will get better on their own. Call us as soon as you can, so we may schedule an emergency visit! To learn more, call our family dental office in Upton, MA, today at 508-529-4591. We proudly welcome patients from all surrounding communities.


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