Your dentist can see you on short notice if you have a problem that calls for treatment as soon as possible. Access to emergency dental treatment is important for several reasons. One big benefit is that your Upton, MA dentist can shorten the time you have to spend with active dental pain. With that said, even if you are able to head straight to our practice for help, you may feel the need to do something about your discomfort. There are actions you can take to help minimize pain and make the trip to see us easier. With that said, you should still take a potential emergency seriously even after you do something to manage discomfort. By putting off care, you can leave a tooth more vulnerable to problems!

Act Quickly To Schedule Emergency Dental Treatment

If you feel that something is wrong after hurting a tooth, or after the onset of severe pain from a possible cavity or infection, you should act quickly to arrange dental work. We want our patients to know that we are ready to help them during an emergency. When you know you can arrange prompt care, you can have an easier time setting up treatment. Some issues that can call for urgent care include:

  • A serious toothache or issue with sensitivity
  • A dental injury that chips, cracks, breaks, or knocks out a tooth
  • An item that is painfully wedged between teeth (that you cannot comfortably remove with dental floss)
  • Any other problem that seems serious or hard to ignore

Managing Discomfort Before You Arrive For Treatment

While you should make your departure for your dentist’s office your priority, there are a few actions that you can take to manage pain before you are treated. An over the counter pain reliever can help you reduce feelings of discomfort until you undergo restorative dental work. You can use ice or a cold compress if you have swelling to bring down, or if you are trying to dull pain. While these may not put a total stop to pain, they can make your discomfort easier to manage, which can make it easier to focus on arranging treatment.

Can My Dentist Preserve My Appearance When I Need Emergency Care?

When you come in for emergency dental work, our plan will be to restore your oral health and your smile through the appropriate treatment. When we restore a damaged tooth, we can provide a same-day dental crown made from a ceramic substance that imitates healthy enamel. In the event that you lose a tooth, we can replace it with a prosthetic appliance that restores your smile and also supports your bite function.

Our Upton, MA Dentist’s Office Is Ready To Help During A Dental Emergency

Dr. Goguen and our team are ready to help if you experience a dental injury! In addition to routine services and cosmetic care, we can treat active problems with your oral health, even when they call for attention as soon as possible. To find out more, contact Upton Dental at 508-529-4591 to schedule a visit.


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