Preventive dentistry doesn’t always mean completely avoiding any signs of trouble with your dental health. For example, even with great dental hygiene practices at home and a regular schedule of preventive checkups and cleanings, many patients may still develop gingivitis – the earliest stage of gum disease. At our Upton, MA, dentist’s office, we also provide preventive ultrasonic scaling and root planing to address gingivitis as early as possible and help you stop it from progressing.

What causes gingivitis to form?

Gingivitis describes a gum infection caused by certain harmful types of oral bacteria. When these microbes form plaque and cling to your teeth, some of them can work their way underneath your gum tissues. From there, they release toxins that infect gum tissues and cause them to recede from your teeth roots. Others lead to rampant inflammation that causes increasingly more severe damage to your gum tissues.

About scaling and root planing

Scaling and root planing is also referred to as periodontal (or deep) cleaning, and involves removing the bacteria from underneath your gums. Having settled on the surfaces of your teeth roots, plaque and tartar continue driving the progression of gum disease until they’re removed. Because cleaning teeth roots is more complex than cleaning their crowns, scaling and root planing can take several visits to complete.

Why ultrasonic technology is more comfortable

The point of scaling and root planing is to break up and remove bacterial deposits from your teeth roots, and ultrasonic technology helps us do so with significantly more comfort. Instead of using conventional scaling and planing equipment, ultrasonic technology uses concentrated sound waves to gently break up plaque and tartar for easier, more successful removal. This makes the process much more comfortable and offers a greater chance at stopping gum disease in its tracks.

Find out if you need treatment for gingivitis

When gingivitis forms, ultrasonic scaling and root planing can provide a comfortable way to treat it and help you avoid more serious gum disease. To learn more, schedule a visit by calling your dentist’s office in Upton, MA, today at 508-529-4591. We proudly welcome patients from all surrounding communities, including Grafton, Hopedale, Whitinsville, and more.


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