The dental damage that a cavity is capable of causing should make you nervous about the state of your smile. Would you like to experience permanent decay to your tooth structure, or even an infection of your tooth’s inner chamber? The effects of poor oral health can be serious – fortunately, they can also be treated with modern, lifelike dental restorations! At our Upton, MA dental practice, we use an approach to restorative dentistry that aims to protect teeth, and preserve your smile. The natural-looking dental fillings and dental crowns we can provide are capable of giving a tooth lasting protection, while also helping you remain confident in the way you look.

The Type Of Restoration You Receive Can Impact Your Smile

The quality of your restoration can affect your dental function, and your appearance. In the past, practices would be limited to metal restorations that were durable, but less attractive. We use tooth-colored fillings for minor cavities, and offer a range of dental crowns, including restorations made from appearance-friendly materials. Because of this, we can put your fears about a cavity’s lasting effect on your smile to rest.

Determining The Right Treatment For Your Smile

Before moving forward with treatment, your dentist will need to determine what it will take to fully address a cavity. When decay is only affected a limited amount of your enamel, a dental filling can be appropriate. In addition to being better for your appearance than their metal alternatives, tooth-colored fillings are able to bond directly with your tooth structure. This can ensure that they remain secure, and do not leave openings that bacteria can infiltrate. If you have a larger cavity, a filling may do too little for you. In this instance, your dentist can provide you with a dental crown. You do have the option of receiving a tooth-colored crown that easily fits in with your smile. If you are concerned about the time it will take to restore your smile, you can be glad to know that we have CEREC technology that allows us to produce a restoration that fits over your tooth in just one appointment!

Protecting Your Smile Against Future Cavities

Better restorations can make cavities less alarming, but your goal should still be to keep your smile completely free of them! At regular dental exams, your dentist can provide you with valuable feedback concerning the state of your smile. With this information, along with the professional teeth cleaning you receive during your visits, you can continue to keep your smile safe from harm!

Talk To Dr. Goguen About Scheduling Treatment For Dental Decay

At our Upton, MA dental office, Dr. Goguen is prepared to restore your oral health and smile with an appropriate restoration! If you have questions, or if you want to arrange a treatment, call our dental office today at 508-529-4591.


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