Have you suffered a chipped tooth, or even several? If so, you might be concerned by the discomfort you are experiencing, or even the embarrassment at having noticeably damaged teeth. Restorative treatment can likely help save your damaged tooth. That said, you might also be wondering how you can prevent further problems, though, like additional chipped teeth. The great news is that chipped teeth are, in fact, largely preventable. You simply need to know the steps that can be taken, and habits that should be avoided, to best protect your precious pearly whites.

Are You a Teeth Grinder?

One potential cause of tooth sensitivity and damage, like chips, is subconscious teeth grinding. This most commonly occurs during the night, when one is asleep. Because of that, teeth grinding, also called bruxism, can be difficult to diagnose.

Fortunately, treatment for bruxism is often much simpler. Mouthguards can often help to prevent further grinding of teeth, by helping to keep the teeth in a comfortable position during the night.

Do You Regularly Chew on Hard Items?

Another important form of protection is avoiding chewing on super hard items, like ice or hard candies, which can damage teeth. Even chewing on a pencil can lead to damage.

If you suspect your teeth could already be fragile or damaged, a crown could likely help to prevent more extensive damage.

How Often Do You See the Dentist?

Another important way to protect your teeth is by seeing the dentist at least twice a year for preventive checkups and cleanings. These visits give the dentist a chance to remove tartar buildup before it can lead to acidic erosion that makes teeth vulnerable to chipping or cracking.

You Can Schedule Restorative Treatment

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