You may consider yourself cool as a cucumber in most situations. However, for many of our patients, there’s something about dealing with a broken tooth that can make even the most laid back of individuals fly into a bit of a panic. We understand, of course. Breaking a tooth is alarming and leaves you with an absolute need for professional dental care. To avoid dealing with any shock or uncertainty, should you ever deal with this type of damage, our Upton, MA team gives you a do-and-don’t list that will help you maintain your composure (and save your oral health).

Do: Gather Pieces, If You Have Any

We know that you might not see any pieces of your broken tooth anywhere or you may be dealing with more of a crack. However, if you happen to have seen right where your tissue fell (or if you pulled some out of your mouth!), place it in a closed container, such as a plastic zipper bag. Bring it along with you when you see our team for a visit, just in case. If not, don’t worry a bit!

Do: Call Us Without Hesitation

You will want to contact our team with great speed if you think you broke your tooth! Not sure if it’s bad, if it’s minor, or anywhere in between? It doesn’t matter. Just call us to schedule an emergency dental visit ASAP, so we can check the situation out for ourselves. If you’re fine, then we will tell you. If you need restorative care to fix the damage, then we can provide it. Always act quickly if you suspect serious damage.

Don’t: Wait For A While

We know that on the other side of the spectrum, you may not realize that you should be contacting us for an emergency visit for a broken tooth. You may feel like you’d rather wait a while just to see how things go. Though there are certainly instances in which you have a small amount of buffer time before we see you, when it’s significantly damaged tissue, the sooner the better, to help you avoid even more complex problems like infection!

Don’t: Touch The Area

You may feel compelled to touch the damaged area and to do some investigative work. Remember: This won’t help. However, it may make things worse, so steer clear and see us soon.

See Us For Care For Your Broken Tooth 

Come in to see our friendly team right away if you end up with a broken tooth or suspect damage that you cannot see. Receive restorative care immediately to protect and repair your oral health. To learn more, call our family dental office in Upton, MA, today at 508-529-4591. We proudly welcome patients from all surrounding communities.


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