You end up with a cavity, so you come in for the appropriate restorative treatment, such as a dental filling, and you feel relieved! The tooth decay is gone, you have the tools and information you need in order to avoid another one, but lo and behold: You develop another cavity. Clearly, you think to yourself, something isn’t going quite right. However, what is it and how will you figure it out? Our Upton, MA team can walk you through the key factors in what you may (or may not) be doing to promote decay, so you can make it stop for good!

Your Home Care Is Missing A Step

When you keep getting cavities, even though you insist that you brush and floss, we have to take a closer look at your approach to your home care. Yes, you may practice both parts of dental hygiene that we suggest for daily prevention but you might simply be missing a step. For instance, if you’re brushing only once and flossing once, then you’re missing a brushing session. That’s 50 percent of your daily brushing requirement, which paves the way for the accumulation of plaque and the development of tartar! Remember: Brush in the morning, brush in the evening, floss once daily.

Your Home Care Isn’t Thorough!

You may be brushing twice daily and flossing once daily but, we ask you: Are you doing a thorough and complete job? If you’re rushing through your dental care experience or you’re skipping over some of your smile, then you’re still going to end up leaving behind plaque and food debris. So, remember the following details, as well, as you do your best to prevent tooth decay (and more):

  • Brush your smile for two minutes, twice a day
  • Be sure to brush all reachable dental tissue!
  • Brush gently
  • Floss your entire smile (even behind those very back teeth) and be gentle

Your Overall Care Is Missing The Professional Part!

Yep, you’re definitely keeping up with all of the aforementioned details, you say, so you wonder: Why do you still end up with tooth decay? Well, even if you’re doing the best job ever with your home dental care, if you’re not also receiving checkups and cleanings with us, then cavities are a very real possibility! Complete your care by seeing us twice every year!

Treat Cavities With Our Dental Care

Come to our team both for the restorative care you may require to address existing tooth decay, as well as for the preventive dental care you need to keep cavities from developing and impacting you in the first place. To learn more, call our family dental office in Upton, MA, today at 508-529-4591. We proudly welcome patients from all surrounding communities.


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