Are you certain about whether the toothbrush you toss into your basket either online or at the store is really your best bet? Do you know what to look for beyond the superficial details of a brush that looks attractive versus one you dislike? Our Upton, MA team is to happy to announce that if you aren’t quite sure about how to select this extremely important dental hygiene product that you use every day, twice daily, we can rectify that for you very quickly! Enjoy your introduction into the world of wise toothbrush characteristics!

It’s Got ADA Acceptance

Our team wants you to take a moment to look at the toothbrush and the package it comes in when you’re standing at the store. Or, take a thorough look through the online description. What you’re looking for is a stamp that reads “ADA Seal of Acceptance.” This is your signal that the American Dental Association has assessed the effectiveness of your toothbrush and that it will, in fact, offer protection if you use it during dental hygiene.

It’s A Good “Fit” For You

Avoiding decay and the need for fillings means practicing excellent dental hygiene. You can do this to your best ability when you can hold and comfortably use the toothbrush you’ve chosen. However, if your brush isn’t the right size or fit, this may prove quite difficult! Keep this in mind as an essential detail to consider.

The Bristles Are Nice And Soft!

Remember that one of the key elements of selecting a toothbrush for your dental hygiene is ensuring that you are using one with soft bristles! You may hear about this quite frequently and wonder why your oral health is dependent on this. Shouldn’t bristles be hard and your efforts be quite aggressive, in order to thoroughly clean your smile? Not at all! Everything, from the products you use to your technique, should be nice and gentle. The thorough and delicate method works because it removes plaque and food without irritating, aggravating, and injuring both your teeth and your gum tissue. Keep this in mind!

Make Your Hygiene Even Better With Our Tips

Think through our dental hygiene suggestions (and ask for more if you need them), so you feel confident that you are providing yourself with the best care you can. To learn more, call our family dental office in Upton, MA, today at 508-529-4591. We proudly welcome patients from all surrounding communities, including, Grafton, Hopedale, Whitinsville, and more.


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