Attain A Lovely, Complete Smile

If you desire a fixed prosthetic to replace your missing tooth, or multiple teeth in a row, a bridge may offer the beautiful, stable solution you desire.

What Is A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is composed of custom-designed crowns that blend with your surrounding teeth. This series of crowns includes two end crowns that fit permanently over the teeth – called “anchor teeth” or “abutment teeth” – on either side of your open space. Once your dentist, Dr. Shah or Dr. Kashyap, permanently affixes the end crowns over your abutment teeth, the remaining crowns within the prosthetic “bridge the gap,” to complete your smile.

What Are The Benefits Of Bridges?

You can expect the following benefits if you choose a dental bridge as your tooth replacement solution:

  • Bridges fit right over the teeth on either side of your open space, for a non-invasive, quick solution to missing teeth
  • Bridges replace one or several missing teeth in a row, for a beautifully complete smile
  • Custom dental crowns ensure your smile truly appears uniform
  • Your dental bridge will allow you to eat comfortably, for better nutrition and more enjoyable meals
  • Bridges may instantly return you to comfortable, articulate speaking
  • You can feel proud of your smile again with a bridge in place
  • The bridge acts as a placeholder for missing teeth, which prevents remaining teeth from shifting into the open space – such shifting may result in misalignment

Do I Qualify As A Candidate For A Bridge?

If you want a permanent solution to replace a single tooth, or multiple teeth in a row, you likely make a wonderful candidate for a dental bridge. However, you will need healthy abutment teeth to support the bridge. If your teeth are in poor health, you may better qualify for a partial denture or dental implants.