Say Goodbye To Cavities And Hello To Beautiful Teeth

If you have a dental cavity, Dr. Shah and Dr. Kashyap will provide you with a tooth-colored filling to remove tooth decay and sensitivity, while restoring the beauty and function of your tooth.

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What Can I Expect From A Tooth-Colored Filling?

Dr. Shah and Dr. Kashyap will address your discomfort by numbing your tooth and surrounding tissues. She will then clean out the decayed tooth tissue within your cavity and fill the opening with a material called composite, which is made of synthetic resin. Once the filling dries, we will make necessary adjustments to ensure your bite feels comfortable.

What Are The Benefits Of Tooth-Colored Fillings

This restorative procedure stops tooth decay from progressing into a larger cavity that may compromise the structural integrity of your tooth or lead to infection. Look over the following benefits of saying, “yes” to a tooth-colored filling:

  • We will color match your filling to the surrounding tooth for an invisible finish
  • Composite is metal free and safe for pregnant women, as well as individuals with metal allergies
  • Composite fuses to tooth tissue for long-lasting wear
  • You will not experience hot- or cold-related sensitivity with tooth-colored fillings like you may with metal fillings
  • A filling procedure removes plaque and its bacteria, protecting your tooth from infection and a possible need for an extraction

Do I Qualify As A Candidate For Tooth-Colored Fillings?

If Dr. Shah and Dr. Kashyap determines that you have a cavity, you become an instant candidate for a tooth-colored filling.