What Type Of Dental Emergencies Do You Service?

At Janet L. Goguen, we understand that accidents happen, and often at the most inconvenient of times. Dr. Shah and Dr. Kashyap makes sure you can see a dentist when an unexpected problem arises by offering emergency dentistry.

For our patients, we will make room for you during business hours for dental emergencies.  Please call us immediately if a dental emergency occurs. Dr. Shah and Dr. Kashyap will provide you with an emergency phone line. In the event that she cannot see you personally, she will arrange an emergency appointment for you with a trusted on-call endodontist.

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How Do I Prepare For My Emergency Dental Appointment?

Whatever the problem, we encourage you to remain calm. Becoming panicked can often make matters worse. Because time is often of the essence in emergency situations, take a deep breath, call us right away, and consider the following guidelines for ensuring you make the most of the time before your emergency appointment:

  • Take an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, if you suffer from sudden pain.
  • Place a cold compress, such as an ice pack, against the outside of your face near the area of discomfort, if you suffer from severe pain or swelling.
  • If your tooth is knocked out, carefully rinse the tooth under lukewarm water. However, try to avoid rinsing away attached tissue. With an extremely gentle approach, see if you can carefully place the dislodged tooth back into the empty socket. If it slides in effortlessly, be careful not to touch it with your tongue or cause movement. If you cannot replace the tooth, your emergency dentist, Dr. Shah and Dr. Kashyap, suggests placing the tooth in a sealed container filled with salt water or milk. Please bring the tooth with you to your emergency appointment.
  • If your tooth breaks, attempt to collect the pieces of your tooth. Keep the pieces safe in a sealed container, such as a zip-sealed plastic bag and bring them with you to your appointment.
  • If you suffer from debris stuck between your teeth, you may carefully attempt to floss between your teeth. If this fails, do not attempt any further. Simply wait until your visit with us.

Do I Qualify As A Candidate For Emergency Dentistry?

If you find yourself in sudden severe tooth or gum pain, or experience an oral health problem that cannot wait, you qualify as a candidate for emergency dental care. However, if you experience a serious, life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately, or visit your nearest emergency room for treatment.