You might not think about your gums too much when you’re visualizing the way your smile looks. Instead, you may focus quite a lot on your teeth, their shape, their shade, and more. Today, our Upton, MA team reminds you that sometimes, your teeth are A-OK but that its your gum tissue that could use some dental care to improve the overall appearance of your grin (with something like gum contouring). We invite you to learn a bit more about this often overlooked topic! Think this may speak to your unique needs? Just give our team a call to schedule a visit soon!

Your Gumline May Be Lopsided

You may think that you have a crooked smile. You may feel that some of your teeth look longer on one side than others. Or, you may feel that things just don’t look smooth as they transition from one side to the other but instead, somewhat haphazard. When your teeth edges line up beautifully but something is still “off,” you may benefit from gum contouring, a cosmetic dental care treatment in which we carefully resculpt your gum tissue for a pleasing look.

Your Gum Tissue May Be Excessive

We want patients to realize that when they look in the mirror and see what they think are short teeth or even “squatty” teeth, this is often not the result of a lack of lengthy teeth. Instead, it is very frequently the result of too much gum tissue coverage. If so, this is something we can identify on your behalf during a cosmetic care consultation. Should we determine that you have excess tissue, we can reveal a greater amount of your dental tissue, which will create longer looking teeth and a more balanced smile. Remember, gum contouring is a type of dental care treatment that allows us to reshape your gum tissue!

You Could Have A Serious Gum Issue

Not sure whether what you’re seeing is something that has always been there or if you have recently developed puffy gums or another type of concern? While it may not look lovely, that does not necessarily mean it’s a cosmetic issue or can be fixed with gum contouring. Remember to contact us for periodontal support if you ever think you are dealing with gum concerns, such as inflammation, redness, a purple color, pain, tenderness, bad breath, or anything else out of the ordinary! The best way to determine what you need from our team is scheduling a checkup.

Address Gum Concerns With Us

Come in soon to learn more about what’s happening with your gum tissue. We can speak with you about your gum tissue and its health and then determine whether you require periodontal care or gum contouring! To learn more, call our family dental office in Upton, MA, today at 508-529-4591. We proudly welcome patients from all surrounding communities.


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