Even if you brush your teeth twice a day, as recommended by your preventive dentist, there is still another important part of a healthy hygiene routine, and that is flossing. Yet the vast majority of adults admit to flossing only occasionally, rather than daily. Flossing serves an important purpose, namely to clean between the crevices of the teeth. To help keep both your teeth and gums clean and healthy, it’s important to floss at least once each and every day. This simple act takes only a few minutes, yet it can a huge help to your smile!

What Do Dentists Consider Essential Dental Care?

Dental hygiene is one of the ways you can help to protect your whole smile between dental cleanings. Most people know that a proper hygiene routine should include both brushing and flossing, and yet many people skip out on the second step. Flossing shouldn’t cause pain, or bleeding. In fact, bleeding gums are often a warning sign of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease.

If you are confused about how to floss properly, the instructional videos provided by the American Dental Association can help. They demonstrate the most safe and effective way to floss.

Don’t Forget Professional Cleanings

It’s important to keep in mind that even with proper hygiene, and a healthy diet, you should still be seeing your dentist at least twice a year for preventive checkups and cleanings. These visits allow the dentist to check for burgeoning issues, and to address them, as needed.

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