Do you have questions that haven’t been answered yet in regard to dental sealants? We know that many parents tend to feel generally good about sealants and realize that the probably come with benefits. However, we are also aware that those same parents often hesitate to follow through on scheduling sealants for their kiddos because they need to know a little bit more in regard to benefits, what they can expect, etc. Let our Upton, MA team help out with some of those final answers you may currently need (and if there’s anything remaining, please call our practice!). We look forward to seeing you and your kids!

Questions and Answers

Question: Do dental sealants protect all of my child’s teeth? Do they cover the entire surface? I’m still not completely clear on how they work.

Answer: Dental sealants protect your child’s teeth by sealing difficult-to-clean areas with a thin, plastic-like coating that stays in place 24/7 so bacteria cannot reach those areas (nor can sugar, etc.). They don’t cover the entirety of your child’s teeth. We don’t place them on all teeth. Instead, they are used to offer a barrier over the chewing surfaces of your kiddos’ back teeth, where they are heavily grooved! When bacteria stay out, decay stays away and fillings don’t become necessary!

Question: Is this going to be something that my child will feel comfortable receiving? Can you give me just a little bit more information in regard to what the treatment process in like for the placement of dental sealants?

Answer: This is going to be a completely comfortable experience for your child, as the process is simple! First, we clean the target teeth to prep them. Then, just like painting on any other surface, we gently paint the sealant onto the desired area. Finally, we use a special light that will dry and harden the sealants. It’s that easy!

Question: What is life going to be like for my child after the placement of dental sealants when it comes to smile appearance, dental hygiene, eating, etc.?

Answer: There will be absolutely no change to any of the aforementioned details. Your child’s teeth will look and feel the same and your kiddo can eat whatever he or she usually enjoys!

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When you are ready to move forward with dental sealants that will help protect your children’s smiles from tooth decay by providing them with a simple yet effective barrier, call our team for a visit! To learn more, schedule a visit by calling your dentist’s office in Upton, MA, today at 508-529-4591. We proudly welcome patients from all surrounding communities, including Grafton, Hopedale, Whitinsville, and more.


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