You might assume that when you have missing teeth in your smile, that the main problem is just that: You have openings. You don’t like them, they can be annoying when you eat or speak, and if you want to feel better about things, then you should replace those teeth! What you might not realize, of course, is that there are lots of consequences that may show up when you don’t take action to seek replacements after tooth loss. Surprised? Not to worry! Our Upton, MA team reminds you that particularly if you’ve never lost teeth before, the side effects are easy to overlook. Learn more (and see us soon!).

Your Teeth Can Move Out Of Place!

When you deal with tooth loss, did you know that your teeth that are left behind can move around? It’s not something that happens quickly or overnight. Instead, it’s a gradual shift that happens because your body is essentially compensating for the openings. The teeth move toward them. This can significantly affect your alignment, causing spacing or awkward issues for your bite. So, keep in mind that when you replace your teeth with any type of prosthetic, you prevent this movement from occurring.

You Might Develop Functional Issues

We know that you may not have ever connected these dots before but it’s very important that you do! When you lose a tooth or multiple teeth, the bite you once knew changes. Two teeth that may have come into contact before no longer do because perhaps only one of them is present. If the missing teeth have a significant impact on your bite (and its balance), problems like bruxism (grinding and clenching) or TMJ disorder may develop. As you shift your jaw into new positions, you may irritate your jaw joints. When you replace teeth after tooth loss, these issues do not happen because you restore your bite.

You May Become More Likely To Deal With Decay

Have an opening due to tooth loss? It’s a place where food can easily become stuck (which means keeping your smile clean can become difficult). Maybe your teeth shift and you develop spaces, which makes for further food traps. Hygiene often turns into a greater challenge, which means you become more vulnerable to issues like tooth decay and even gum disease. That is, until you decide to replace your teeth!

Protect Oral Health By Treating Tooth Loss

In order to best protect your oral health for today and in the long run, we remind you that treating your smile with dental prosthetics if tooth loss impacts you is the smartest choice you can possibly make! To learn more, schedule a visit by calling your dentist’s office in Upton, MA, today at 508-529-4591. We proudly welcome patients from all surrounding communities, including Grafton, Hopedale, Whitinsville, and more.


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