Would you prefer to wait to have a vulnerable tooth restored, or would you rather have the option of having it restored in just one appointment with your dentist? At our Upton, MA dentist’s office, our patients can leave the dentist’s chair with their vulnerable tooth kept safe by a same-day dental crown! We are able to provide treatment in a short time thanks to technology in our office that lets us digitally measure teeth, produce designs of custom dental crowns, and then make them in our on-office milling machine. In addition to producing restorations that are ready to protect your tooth, the restoration given to you can also restore your smile by matching the appearance of your healthy enamel!

We Can Shorten Your Treatment Time When You Need A Crown

At many other dental offices, patients can be asked to make at least two appointments to have a custom dental crown placed. How are we able to offer a different experience? With the CEREC technology we use to produce same-day crowns, we can make sure a custom restoration is ready for your smile in as little as one appointment. We are able to do more than just produce a crown. We rely on CAD/CAM technology to both measure your tooth and digitally design a crown with the information gathered by our measurements.

Restoring A Tooth Affected By Dental Decay

Cavities that are too large to be treated with dental fillings require more support. To make sure your tooth is safe after you experience an advanced cavity, we can provide a custom dental crown. Without the appropriate protection, your tooth would be vulnerable to infection as well as physical damage from biting and chewing. Because your enamel cannot simply grow back after cavity problems, the restoration that you receive must be permanent. We can make sure that the crown you receive looks natural and provides cosmetic benefits, but also confirm that you are able to bite and chew without difficulty.

Same-Day Crowns And Dental Injuries

If you suffer a physical injury and need emergency dental work, our same-day crowns can make your treatment more convenient. After restoring your oral health through the appropriate treatment, we can take steps to craft and place a custom crown to keep your tooth safe. This means you will not have to worry about long-term consequences from your injury, and it also means spending less time with a visibly damaged tooth hurting the quality of your smile!

Talk To Your Upton, MA Dentist’s Office About Receiving A Same-Day Crown

Dr. Goguen is prepared to help patients when they need work done for a cavity or dental injury. To learn how we can use same-day crowns to address these problems, contact Upton Dental at 508-529-4591 to schedule a visit.


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