When a cavity forms, a custom dental restoration will be put in place after bacteria and the damaged portion of your tooth structure are removed. At our Upton, MA dental office, we can use dental fillings that imitate the appearance of your healthy tooth enamel when restoring teeth damaged by decay. These fillings are difficult to notice, and effectively prevent cosmetic problems after restorative dental work. In addition to providing cosmetic benefits, these restorations provide long-term protection for your tooth, which means you can still bite and chew without worrying you might affect its well-being. Before placing a restoration, we will evaluate your tooth to make sure a filling is appropriate. If too much damage has occurred, we can instead use a dental crown for protection.

How Restorations Protect Teeth After Cavities Are Removed

Cavities do permanent harm to our tooth structure when they form. This is a frustrating problem, as it will leave the tooth in a vulnerable state if no restoration is placed. Fillings and crowns provide structural support as well as protection against the accumulation of bacteria in a space where damage already occurred. A filling or crown will do more than just keep bacteria out and prevent the onset of more health problems. They also provide needed support so that you can still absorb bite pressure with a tooth after a cavity has been treated.

Receiving Your Tooth-Colored Dental Filling

The resin substance we use to make tooth-colored fillings is applied directly to the area where your cavity formed. After it is applied, the substance will harden and bond to your enamel. This process ensures that the filling will remain in place, and that it can provide lasting protection for your tooth.

Why Cavities Sometimes Call For Dental Crowns

If you have a larger cavity that needs to be treated, a filling may not be recommended. Instead, Dr. Goguen can provide a custom dental crown for protection. Dental crowns cover the entire tooth above your gum line, which means more preparatory work is needed on the tooth. With that said, this greater coverage lets us protect teeth that have experienced serious decay that affects their health and bite function. Our office provides CEREC dental crowns that we can make on-site, which affords us the ability to make dental crowns in as little as one appointment. To avoid future issues with advanced dental decay, make sure you attend routine dental exams on a regular basis.

Talk To Your Upton, MA Dentist If You Have A Cavity

Dr. Goguen is ready to take care of your tooth if you have a cavity. Because our practice uses lifelike dental fillings, we can restore teeth without changing the way they look and still make sure your tooth is stable enough to absorb biting and chewing pressure. To find out more, contact Upton Dental at 508-529-4591 to schedule a visit.


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